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Stunning pink and gold party theme ideas

image by ping he

It is October already, time really flies. Our trip to Shanghai is tomorrow. I can not believe that it is already tomorrow. Today when I tried to clean up our plants on our balcony, I felt a bit sad. The lavender, the rosemary and mint which used to be the prime role in my herb/flower corner now got yellow, and lost their glory. The leaves from the tree next door drop on the garden floor down there, the nature waved a beautiful carpet in golden, yellow and brown. Autumn can actually be pretty too. But just before we move on to the autumn season, I can not have enough with the sweet color pink. Shall I have our last post of pink with gold today before we move on to the autumn? Yes yes, we can. so let’s write about it.

I love to organize parties, many parties during my study period actually when I thought about it now. I don’t know why I had so many parties. Most of the parties are dinner party or tea parties at my home with many friends from my school. The number of guests gets bigger and the nationalities at the party are also getting bigger each year. I love the party theme more and more. I can not believe what actually happened. When I went through my old photo album I can not help myself smiling when I saw the DIY Ikea table top with weekend paint work on the top of it. I miss it very much. Now we are all grown up, the party is getting chicer and the table gets fuller. haha.

teacup via accidentally indie, armchair via trouvais, pink & gold party cone via fancifulshop, stationary, wall deco and teacups via pink-box

I love the combination of English classic and its romantic touch. In the past, I always try to avoid pink and gold party theme. I thought it is the candy shop color. I think many people also try to appreciate things which they don’t like before.

image via design darling
I am sure this image steals your heart. I can not help myself coming back to see this image. Love it as a whole. From the choice of flower (tulip is Dutch flower, I am kind of proud of after living here for 11 years) to the choice of dishware, I am totally abscessed with it. Do you love the place-mate and napkin? I am not sure what the initial “H” stands for? If anyone knows about it, please let me know. Yes, you will love it too, I can tell the way you look at it. I was telling John that I can even enjoy a simple piece of plain Toufu with this setting. Can you?

image via postcards and pretties
Party, party and party. From the choice of fashion accessories to sweet, here has it all. I am sure some of you might have the idea to start a party this weekend already. Why not. The autumn is coming, maybe your last summer party, let’s keep it pinky.

xx Ping

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