Water color painting – sweet girl in a vegetable garden

Water color painting – I started to do some painting these days, it has been a long time that I did not write blog everyday. There are something tragic happened in the family, I did not prepare enough for it, and I feel lost myself for a long while. For a long time, I did not feel like write on the blog, I want to berry the pain inside my heart, and it is a very personal stuff,  and I just wish to let time wash away the pain and everything will be slowly better again. You must be very brave to face the reality though.

我没有每天写博客有一段时间了。在我的家庭里发生很悲惨的事情。 我没有做好准备去面对这个悲剧,我仿佛觉得自己失去了自我。很长一段时间,我不想在博客上写什么,我想把这个痛苦深埋在我的心底,而且这是一个非常私人的事情,我希望能让时间洗去的痛苦, 希望一切都将慢慢好转。 面对现实需要很多勇气。



The time when I spent with my mum was so precious . There is nothing which can replace it. I am very thankful to have all my friends and family there to support me go through the dark moment. I normally never see anything in my life is dark, I just face, knowing that I will have a solution for the challenge. In all my life, I always find a solution for it no matter how difficult it was. But this time, I just watching my mum suffering from the illness every day and could not do much to help her. So hopeless!!!

陪着妈妈的那段时间是如此珍贵。没有任何可以取代它。我也很感谢我所有的朋友和家人支持我去渡过黑暗的时刻。在我一生我从来没有认为什么是黑暗的。在世界上没有什么任何事情不能找到一个解决方案,我会面对挑战。在我的生活,我总能找到一个解决办法, 不管是多么困难。但是这一次,我只能看着我妈妈每天承受痛苦和不能帮助她什么。觉得好无望!



If she can live again, I would love to be have her in my life again. I want to spend more time with her.  Maybe travel around the world together. In the past few weeks, I start to paint again. I love to do water color painting. I did not paint for a long time after my study at a design university in Shanghai. I want to bring more color to my life. It helps me to heal my pain and go through it. I know that I can not paint as well as the others, but at least, it is the sun, and shining though my dark room, and the more I practice, the better it will be.

如果她可以再活多一次,我希望有她在我的生命中。我会花尽可能化多点的时间陪着她。希望能和她周游世界。 在过去的几个星期,我开始重新画画。自从在上海的一家设计大学的学习后,我已很久没有画了。 通过画画,我想让我的生活有更多的色彩。它可以帮助我医治我的痛苦和经历。

我知道,跟其他人相比,我画得不怎样,但至少,它是太阳,我在黑暗的房间闪光.  我会时常画,画多了,自然就会画好得。


water color painting - a vegetable garden


This is a water color painting, telling a story about a sweet girl, she love her friends and family. She is somewhat fragile sometime. And she needs sunshine to make her strong. There is a sweet girl, she is young and has no fear. But sometimes she got lost in the reality. She can be so shy that she won’t dare to show herself.

She is making a vegetable garden, she is planting the seed in the spring. Watering the field and has a hope to see her vegetable garden to grow fully. She hope that her family and friends can live happily and healthy. She wish the garden will be green in the spring, don’t you think so too?

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  1. I agree with Robin….you are strong and not alone. HUGS.

  2. you are brave Ping not only to get through this drama in your life but also to share it with us — you are not alone xx

  3. Thank you Jacqueline, let’s express our feelings through our brushes. Would love to see more of your work. Greetings from Amsterdam. xx Ping

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