2011 review – part two

When I am writing this blog article, I heard outside my window in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid many big bangs from the firework for the New Year celebration. That’s it, the 2011 door is going to be closed and 2012 is going to be open. I love the time that I can sit quiet and do some reflection of what have been like in 2011. I love to be back to the blog where I find tranquility and peace, a place I retreat myself and here my mind would be free to flourish. All my thoughts would be pure, It felt like a pure jasmine opens up in the spring, it grows up and up, never stops.

During this time of the year, I looked back what had happened. There were a lots of positive things and some less positive things.
1) I promised to make a cooking workshop project in May 2011, since the day I decided till November, within half year, we had six very interesting cooking workshops taken place. We met many new people who are crazy about cooking and enjoy new culture and cuisine.

2) 2011 taught me to appreciate more what I have. It is not easy to live in a country which is not my own home town, even though I can speak its language and sometimes I found still very difficult to integrate fully into the local culture. You don’t know what is expected to say and to do and what is not. I am glad that there are so many my dear friends and family who gave me the courage to look things beyond. Thank you Irene, Esther, Ai, Jacquelien, Rainbow, Minnie, Linda, Jennifer, Kiki, Henry, James, Iman, Claudia, Ciaran, Michel, Tammie, Eva, John, Robin, Georgina, Carien, Angelique, Emma, Widay, Sohpie, Kay, Yiyi, Ching, Chris, Merrie, Edith, Therese, Mingli, Francisca, Ying and more friends who are there to support me and my work. I am far away from my family and I haven’t been able to see them every year. Your friendship lights for me through the dark and cool winter. This year taught me lessons in my life – appreciate who is true friend, be patience and have faith. I learned to make Amsterdam as my third hometown. (Yes, throughout my life, I moved a lot, I can say every a few years, I make a big move, sometimes even move to another country).

I lost my mum last month, I asked myself what is wrong with this world. Sometimes I still can not face the reality. I learned to stay positive in my life and I know mother nature has its own turn, things are not so ideal what I would love to face. I went through the tragedy with my tears and my drawings, I learned to treasure family and friends who are close to me, especially my dear sister Jacquelien, and my mother-in-law Robin who are always there for me.

3) The support of the facebook and blogging community has been incredible throughout 2011. Blogging has become such a big part of my life (apology for a long break since breakout news of my mum’s illness), and I would like to make it better with every single creative thought in my mind. It will be a great adventure with my projects in 2012.

Talking about my adventures in 2011, I did travel to very nice perfume land Grasse, met a wonderful perfumer Laurence, and many future great perfume creators such as Aurore, Babett, Merrie, Céline, Chris, Malvin, Brigitte, Lydia, Angel, and Marian. That was the best thing I could have done to leave Holland for two weeks and went to the land of perfume, created with and smell many aromas, met new people and practiced my perfume making skills and got opportunities to see what I didn’t see here.

I know that many of your are celebrating your New Year’s eve now, I am going to do so as well. Before you come back for the next blog post, I wish you a very happy, healthy, loving, peaceful 2012. What was your 2011 review, drop my some thoughts with us.

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  1. Thank you Jim. Many best wishes to you too. xx

  2. Wishing you joy, peace, happiness and prosperity in 2012. Hope to see you again in this coming year. Big HUG.

  3. James Roberts via Facebook says:

    Happy New Year Ping. I hope 2012 brings you much joy, happiness and prosperity. I am lucky to have met you so many years ago and hope to see you again in 2012. HUGS

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