My floral water color painting

Floral painting by Ping

It has been busy past two weeks, as the holiday season approaches here, we had many celebrations. Because Dutch has its own Sante Clause holiday besides Christmas, we often met the family and friends,

I like the most about the season is that the family feeling, just like Chinese New Year when all family members gathered together from every corner of the country . I remembered in 2002, it was the last day of the class before the holiday in Hogeschool InHolland, we were sitting in the school canteen, we were all surrounded by Christmas decoration with  nice Christmas music in the air, The music, the smell and the cozy atmosphere made me very home sick. It was my second year in the Netherlands then. By the end of the afternoon, all my Dutch friends left one by one and wished me a Merry Christmas, when everyone was gone, I was sitting alone there, listening to the music,  I could not help getting very sad.  I told myself, enjoy the Christmas as much as you can, even though for Chinese it is not an official holiday, but now you are living here, you should learn Dutch’s tradition. I started to make a wish list, it is a long wish list. DO YOU MAKE A WISH LIST TOO?

在过去的两个星期,因为假日季节的临近,我们有许多庆祝活动,忙的不亦乐乎。经常与家人和朋友聚在一起,因为荷兰除了圣诞节之外, 有自己的 Santa Claus。
我喜爱本季因为它给我带来一个家庭的感觉, 就像中国新年时,所有家庭成员来自全国的每一个角落聚集在一起。我记得在2002年,那是InHolland大学的假期前的最后一天,我们坐在学校食堂,我们周围有圣诞节的装饰,在空中弥漫着圣诞音乐。

圣诞音乐,圣诞气味和舒适的氛围让我非常恋家。这是我住荷兰的第二年。快到午后,所有我的荷兰朋友(同学逐个离开, 并祝我圣诞快乐。 当所有人都走了,我独自坐在那里,听着那个音乐,我无法抵制我的伤感的情绪。我告诉自己,你可以尽可能享受圣诞,即使对中国人来说,这不是一个法定假日,但现在你住在这里,就要学会人家的习俗。我开始做一个愿望清单,这是一个很长的愿望清单。您使一个愿望清单吗?


Looking back all the things happened all the years, I can always remember all the celebrations and enjoying making the list. This year, I don’t make list any more. You know why? because I just started to do the things I wish for. In the past few weeks, I painted a lot. Because of my childhood, I love the nature a lot, landscapes, flora and little animals are my favorite. For this blog, I will share with you some of my floral water color paintings. Painting is so much fun. I have more surprise to come.

回想往事,这么多年来发生了很多的事,我一直记得所有的庆祝活动,享受制作每一份愿望清单。今年,我再制作愿望清单了。你知道为什么吗?因为我开始做我想要做的事。在过去几周中,我画了很多。因为在我的童年里,山水风景,大自然和小动物是我的最爱。在这个博客里,我想和你共享一些我的画 – 这是我的花卉系列一。以后我有更多的惊喜。

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