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Pink flowers are not always my favorite ones. It changed a few years ago. You know why? I have a Western name called “Maggie” and I used it for my Dutch friends when I was studying in Hogeschool InHolland. When I moved to Rotterdam in 2004 for my study in Erasmus University, my friend in Rotterdam suggested to call my Chinese name “Ping”. The changes went all perfectly. I started my own company in 2006, when I introduced myself on the phone, I heard many clients from other side of line pronounced my name PINK. I tried to correct them many times, now they call me Ping Pink. I don’t know where did that come from, slowly I am kind of get used to PINK. And if some of you follow my blog for a while probably notice that I am crazy about flowers. Today I am going to talk about flowers, yes PINK flowers.

粉红色的花并不是我的最爱, 前几年才有改变。你知道为什么吗? 我有一个西方的名字叫“玛姬”, 那时在荷兰高等专业大学InHolland学习时,我的荷兰朋友称呼我这个名字。当2004年我搬到鹿特丹的伊拉斯谟大学学习时,在鹿特丹的朋友建议我称呼我原来的中国名字“娉”。这一切改变都很完美。 我于2006年成立了自己的公司, 当我介绍在电话里介绍我自己, 听到电话那头许多客户称呼我“粉红”。 我试图纠正他们很多次,现在他们叫我“娉”粉红色。 我不知道这个称呼从哪儿来,慢慢地我就习惯粉红色的叫法。如果你们当中有些人读我地博客一段时间,可能注意到我很有点花狂。今天我要谈论鲜花。而且是粉红色的鲜花。

While pink flowers are considered feminine, romantic and sensational. Many Asian friends are familiar Cherry Blossom, Peach Blossom, Pink Phalaenopsis, Magnolia, Peonies, and Apricot Blossoms, now it is time to learn more about other flowers which are pink: Hot-pink ranunculus, nerine, and double tulips.

虽然粉红色的花被视为女性化,浪漫和煽情。很多亚洲的朋友很熟悉樱花,桃花,粉红蝴蝶兰,玉兰,牡丹以及杏花。 现在让我们了解更多其他粉红色的花:洋牡丹,納麗石蒜,重瓣郁金香。

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I know some of you may have more nice lists of PINK Flowers, share with our readers here if you like, and let’s enjoy our days and evenings with our beautiful pink flowers.

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