Year 2011 review – part one

I was not thinking much when I wrote this as today’s topic, “year 2011 review”, it sounds very difficult. As soon as I type these letter, I realize that I have much thinking going on.

Time flies, another 11 days, 2012 will knock on our door. What I have been doing in 2011? I did many things like everyone else, and the most important things I have listed here, I hope I can do more review of 2011 before the end of this year:


top five things in year 2011 review

1) I change myself, not for the sake of what other people will think about me, I change myself because I like the way it is.

2) I work harder and smarter. As a freelancer, I used to take all the responsibilities for everything. Now I learned to enjoy lose the control and trust other people to finish the job with set standard. I learned first thing first, prioritize all the tasks/projects and learn to relax and get recharged for next projects.

3) I learned to share with people how I feel, be honest to myself and to other people. If I am stressed, I just take a break, not pretending I am not. If I am sad, I just say it, don’t hold back and put on smile on the face, but bleeding inside of my heart.

4) I learned to be ambitious and set a timeline for myself, meanwhile encourage myself to take a steady little step each time to reach my goal. I remembered one client used to tell me, many small drops of water will turn to be a pond, many ponds come together will turn to be a river, many rivers combined will turn to be a sea, many seas combined will turn to an ocean. Every big act starts from small. Each step forward counts.

5)  I learned to have the end in mind. What ever I do, I want to know what end results I can expect from myself. Or I see it is pure an entertainment, then there is no expectation at all, I will feel more relieved .

I think those are what I came up in mind for now. What is your reflection of the year 2011? I am sure that you have thought about it, if not, maybe it is time to start, and share with us.



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  1. Some really interesting points you have written. Aided me a lot, just what I was looking for : D.

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