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I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I suppose to write this yesterday, but I had a few meetings and was busy with my trip plan to Japan. Some very exciting projects will come up this year. I will tell more when it happens.

Tuesday again, how was your weekend? I had a wonderful one. Saturday I painted and meanwhile I started my polymer clay project. This is something new to me, I never made shape with polymer clay before, I expected it will be more difficult. But it turned out to be just fine.

I realized that if you want to make anything or any new project, do not be afraid to try. Gathering information, do some researches, and make a little plan, then you will know how easy or how difficult it will turn out. Yes, some of us like to make things which we are familiar with, but there are many things out there which will be new to many people. We are in the new world of technology, we are in a kind of global village. You can experience some new projects with just a few click away.

What I did?

I love owl, they looks so awfully cute. Here in Amsterdam is very chilli these few days, I thought we will be nice to do in the weekend. Here it goes. I started to make the figure for the owl. I made two owls, I named one “Sam”, and the other one “Bob”. Same is a bigger than Bob. After half of pinch and shape, I had these two little friends.

On Sunday, Sam and Bob want to have a nice Sun Baving. It was chilli whole weekend, however it was sunny, how nice to see them settle down here in my little studo in Amsterdam. They feel at home here. hehe

I know many of us love weekend. Who don’t. Some of us love to make crafts, and others love to read. What is your weekend favorite activities?

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