Tea Rituals

It is time for tea

image by ping he, silkscreen print on textile in Amsterdam

I wish everyone a very good Chinese New Year, today is the second day of the dragon’s year. I am glad that I am in full speed of recovery. My friend Rainbow and her husband George came to pick me up with a group of other friends Jennifer, Linda, Casper, Minnie and Patrick. We enjoyed a very nice New Year’s Dim Sum in Sea Palace. the day before yesterday, yesterday I had a walk with my other friend Iman along near the Sloterkade to stretch my numb legs and get some fresh air.

I tried to understand a lot about what is going on, and to be honest, no matter how strong you are, you always needs friends and family who can help you to go through some difficult moment in your life.

This morning I woke up, and first thing first, I wen to kitchen to grab a cup of nice Longjing green tea, I boiled the water and wait a while till it cool down a bit, I really love its sweet and bitter taste on the tip of my tongue. When I was drinking my tea, I remembered that I made some designs with illustrator (I will mix all the techniques I learned into my creation), I would like to share with you. I once tried to silkscreen printed it, I don’t know why I choose this color eventually, I normally not a PINKY person. Maybe had many influence from my friend Merrie, she is 100% pinky, everything she touches turned out to be pink.

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