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image by ping he, silkscreen print on textile in Amsterdam

Life sometimes hits you in a very unexpected way, sometime like a storm, sweep away all in a sudden, when you are not prepared for it. My life was suffered in such a storm since last June. Last November I lost my mum who was fighting for a rare kind of cancer for six months. During that period, silence was all what I can bear.

When I am writing this post, I was just out of hospital for three days, yes indeed two days before the Chinese New Year, I had my operation in OLVG in Amsterdam, I am so determined to get well soon and so looking forward to be back to my normal life again. It gave me so much strength from my family and friends from their sweet messages and phone calls. John is taking great care of me since the operation, you know what? I am recovering in full speed actually.

As in my previous blog, I did my floral water color painting, it was a gift that I suddenly picked up my drawing skills and make some art out of it. It is a kind of ritual for me to paint, I try to paint every day if I can. It gives me space to get ready for what ever comes next. It is kind of healing process for me, it is a way for me to meditate and clear my mind.

In the past thirty-some years, I try to find inner-self, I try to be a mature person, I have changed myself from an incapable artist to be a more experience ones through all the workshops and classes, learning basic watercolor skills, basic figure drawings. I picked up my brushes to learn what is the best way to draw shapes. I participated many clay making workshops to learn my hand feeling for shapes, I did my try and error silkscreen printings, My first letterpress printing cost me five hours to print my first name card with hundred years old typeface.

I went online courses to learn illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and digital photography, I went to many perfume making courses in France, I went to many galleries and museums to learn what I missed from the book. I feel awful at first when I saw my work is not up to the level I wanted, I made mistakes along the way, but all these mistakes add so much valuable experience for my growth. I admire people who can work in consistent manner, I am really lack of it. When I love something, I just dive into it, then when I lost interest, I will desert it. I learned from many great artists about their persistence and patience.

In the past few months when I was in silence mood, I have more time to think. I realized that the best way is to incorporate art practice into daily life. I know that I still have a long way to go, but I promise myself to make it work, one step a day. I have experienced myself with the busy business world – visiting clients, making contacts with suppliers, distribution agencies, exhibition/fair organizers, editorial/magazine editors etc etc, I did not have enough time to grow myself as an artist, I think I will regret that if I do not make time for myself to learn more now.

2012 is here, this year I would love to shine through my creativity mind, through my brush, I will make my watercolor paintings as a good start, I want to be a true crafter/artist. I will feel insulted when people name me as a businesswoman. (just joking). ping living is still running in a full speed, I will incorporate my artwork more into my ping living online shop in the future.

Do not afraid that you do not go to the art school to study art history, do not afraid when others laugh at your childish drawing of fishes or birds, the door creativity is open from your heart. There are many artists like you out there who will appreciate you as they have experienced same, not all of them have been to the art school, but making some amazing works.

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