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Nature inspired ceramic collection

Hi everyone, it has been a very exciting week for me. Hope you too. It was exactly one week after my operation, and one week of my art journey blog writing, and one week of thinking and making. I was so confused before about what I want and want I don’t want. I am so glad on the way, I opened my eyes, ears and heart to everything. I mean I tried to see things in different angles, I listened very well what other people want to say and take actions immediately after I think they are right. I followed my heart, and listened very carefully. I know if there is some voice over there to tell me that’s not right, I will immediately stop it. It refers to work, relationship, friendship and creation.

I love Holland, why? Not only because I have a Dutch husband who I dated for almost 9 years before we married. Because I love its flowers culture and its beautiful landscape. If you have chance come to the Netherlands, you should take a train and visit some nice local villages. Do not only go to some very touristic places or cities only.

I used to travel with train and took my foldable bike plus 5 kilos heavy bags full of samples of my scented candles and fragrance to everywhere in the Netherlands. It was such a great experience for me even to think back today. Before I came to the Netherlands, I know that Dutch people are living under the sea level, and most of the lands claimed from the sea. They don’t have high mountains at all. It is a flat country. But they do have a lot of water (dijk) and many flower growers.  I remember that almost everyone in a village I used to live in Diemen has flowers at home in the weekend (yes, I love to peek through open window, and most Dutch people open their curtain to let you see what their home looks like). Some people spent a lot of time during the weekend in their garden to plant new flowers or make it look nice. I am so impressed with their idyllic life.

Till 11 Feb, 2012, I will exactly 12 years in the Netherlands, last few weeks, I was busy making my ceramic collection, they are not in the oven yet, I still need to put twice in the oven and put colors on. For now I just show you what I have made so far, get a sneak peek what I was up to.








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