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Time flies when you are doing the things you love, it is almost 20:30pm, I haven’t finished my painting for today, but I did something yesterday. I will show you just now.

I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 12 years, yes till 11 Feb, 2012, I am here for exactly 12 years. That’s something to celebrate. Indeed. I still recall my first week, I cried a lot, then I lived in a village called Diemen where my school is located. I did not have much friends back then. I was very much home sick. Slowly I got to know more friends from school and from my part-time job in the flower auction or Mango. I really started to enjoy my life then. I was still laughing about my silly decision when I almost flied back to Shanghai in Week Three. Yes, I did not give up, I learn to appreciate the difference between two cultures, I tried to eat the local food, learned the Dutch language, followed the news on tv and participated all the activities.

I think I learned to be brave and patient then, I learned to live with positive attitude and learn to be independent. I moved 10 times houses in 12 years. One time I even ran up and down 15 times on my little holdable bike to move all my belongings. Learned to appreciate people who really care about me because who I am and my personality.

Actually it is really difficult to integrate into the Dutch culture if you don’t speak the language. If you do speak a bit, you really have to learn to understand the Dutch mentality as well, they are open, kind and straight forward. Sometime it is difficult to manage as I came from the culture background where things are not said are more important than what are said. You have to feel it. Most of things are in the grey field in China, there is no clear black or white lines to draw when dealing with relations and managing the layers of networks. Here in the Netherlands is different.

When I came to the Netherlands, I noticed that little kids here love the rabbit a lot, it is called konijn, they even have them as pets at home. I can not imagine that will happen in Shanghai. I love the idea so much, I used to visit my friend Gert, his 10-year-old son has three rabbits, each has different colors. Love to see them running freely around on the grass in the spring time. I was thinking yesterday about what I want to paint, then the rabbit came into my mind, so I used illustrator program I learned recently to do it. Here is the three hours work result.

Then I want to see how it will look like if I used it as my mobile phone screen saver, it looks fine.

If you want to make your creativity work, only you need to do is: pick it up, don’t think anything else, and make time for it. I am sure many of you love to make something with your hand in your spare time. Just do it, and I am sure after a while, you will get used to create stuff and will never want to stop.

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  1. Haven’t decide what is the best way to recall my 12 years in the Netherlands, maybe make an illustration with the Dutch’s favorite animal is the best thing I can do. Enjoy making it so much. Do you like it too? What suggestions do you have for this pattern be made on. (ceramic plate, tray, agenda?) Tell me what is your thought.

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