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brighten your day with pink and fuchsia

Hi all, another great day is ahead of us. Hope that you enjoyed so far with me along my art journey.

I want to share with you a little story how I started my blog. By the end of 2010, I made an account to have my blog name, but I only have the basic information online. I did nothing till April 2011. A new friend of mine is very depressed. He told me that there is not many nice things around him which he feels that he can make him feel great. He complained to me that he does not have much friends and lives with his mum because she needs help. He works very hard to finish his study and try to make a living by working in a shop warehouse. For a few weeks in April, he was very sad and told me nothing interests him in this world.

I am a very positive person, never heard anyone around me has this mind set. But I want to help him. I said to him, you can live as happy as you want, you just need to open your heart. Listen, looking and absorb the nice things/message around you. Appreciate what you have and look things in different perspective. He asked me how? I said, I will start to write my blog article, I will try to write something nice for home decoration, lifestyle, crafts and as much as I can find NICE things to see, to appreciate in this world. Only thing I will ask you do is to tell me what you feel by the end of the week. If it helps you to see the world differently. He agrees with my help. As I promised, I started to write my first blog on 29 April 2011 for real. I keep on writing and writing. I know that my English is not perfect, I know there are many people with literature degree out there or there are native speakers. But what keep me on going is that my friend needs help, and only way that I can help besides asked him to go to a professionals is by writing a good story or some nice collage mood boards. Days went by with my writing, I could not stop. One day I met my friend again after 2 months I started my blog writing. He told me that he is too busy with his problems and did not have time to read. I was very surprised to hear that. It was the motivation to help him at the first place. I was silence. After a few months I heard from other friends that he lost his job and stays at home with his mum, and still looking for a new job. Sorry to hear that.

I am still keep on writing. Today I gathered some of my art work I made in the past to share with you, I will like to brighten your day with these pink, fuchsia

First image is the seasonal chrysanthemum I bought to decorate my home when I did my cooking workshop. The second image is my ceramic salt and pepper jar I made last month, the third image is part of my notebook paper. I love Japanese washi paper, I bought some of them in the local art supply shop here in Amsterdam. I made last Thursday. I will make more notebooks this Thursday as well. Let’s keep on doing what we love to do. Hope one day there are more happy people in the world.

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  1. Sometimes we think we can help everyone. But I realized now that people who needs help that they need help themselves first.

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