Easter Bunny Stamps

One month for now is Easter holiday. For some countries like South Africa and The Netherlands, that is a big holiday to celebrate. I know there are more countries out there which celebrate this special holiday, I know it because John’s family are both from South Africa and the Netherlands. I know that his family celebrate it.

Last week, I had a workshop in Amsterdam Open Atelier, Gertie Jaquet gives a lovely two hours workshp. I enjoyed a lot. During the workshop, I made one bunny set and one frog on the lotus leaf set. It is my first stamp sets that I made myself. Hope in the future I will make more. You can use stamps to make your own wrapping paper, gift box etc etc. I think there will be a lot of interesting projects with it if you are very creative.

Do you like stamping? What is your favorite animal to make stamps?

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  1. Good morning everyone, hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. I am surprised that I have so much energy this week, and made a lot of new projects. Hope my positive energy will spread. Enjoyed very much with my Easter Bunny Stamps project. Everyday is a new day, let’s make something interesting everyday. xx Ping

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