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sexy black top girl- fashion illustration of the day

There is a time when I feel like to learn something new. I started to work with illustrator. I realized it was so difficult with all the pen tools, path finder and anchor points etc. I bought a lot of books, it seems it is never an easy task even to draw a circle with the pen tool. I missed the time that we use the pen, pencil, brush and water color. Yes indeed, time changes. 15 years ago, I can not imagine to use this program to make my own design. Now I just start to do the first step. It is my first drawing with illustrator. I know that I have a long way to go for the fashion illustration with this new program. It is a good way to start. I will keep on drawing, the more I practice, the more confidence I can build up. I think it applies to everything. The more you learn the techniques, the better the result will turn out.

I made this drawing last summer, just love the sexy black top I bought from Mango during my study time. It makes you feel sexy and sportive. I am so happy that I have used all the things I learned for my first fashion illustration with mac. What is next step? Keep on practice and that is all about. Practice makes perfect.

I know there are many people who loves fashion illustration. Maybe in the future we can share some nice fashion illustration works here with us. Who is your favorite fashion illustrator? Why do you like their style?

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  1. I really like this drawing / design. Black and white is also timeless. Awesome work

  2. Thanks Eva. Glad that you like it. Talk to you soon.

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