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It’s a new week again

How was your weekend? A lots of my friends seem had troubles to go back to the full swing of things that they used to do. You know it has been many holidays and many cold days here in Amsterdam which made things done a little bit slower.

As many of us wrote or thought of making a new year resolution. It is not easy to keep up with the plan. But for people like us working for yourself. We must have a good discipline to make things working.

I made a list of things which I want to achieve this year, how about you?

1. Be healthy, work out beginners yoga a week.
2. Be a good chef at home, get to learn or try out Asian recipes in the weekend.
3. Be better organized, delete or cancel extra activities which brings down my energy level.
4. Be more creative, enjoy making new fragrance from nature oil, making fashion illustrations, and making flower designs for home.
5. Be more open minded, travel more this year to experience many different culture.
6. Keep on learning, be aware of the new stuff around interior, fashion, design, perfume world.

What is your resolution?




  1. Hi ping, Happy 2013! The year of the Snake. The year of pure thinking and a stout heart. Enjoy every moment and coffee:) with the people you love and who love you. Everybody is special and unique in this life.

  2. Start to write your own new year’s resolution?? I did. Let’s encourage each other. By the way, I started to use Iphone to write my first article on my blog. I am so happy, I am getting so handy now.

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