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Hi all, wish you had a wonderful weekend. For me, I was busy with my e-course offered by Holly BLOGYOURWAY whole Friday, Saturday and finished on Sunday. And the Friday whole day was busy with my first commissioned illustration work. Sorry was not be able to be here as often as I want. I will try to be here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the future.

There will be some changes in my blog today, as you may notice that I am following a blog course. I need to improve my blog to make it more approachable and more interesting for you to read on.

I will focus on two categories such as Fashion Illustration and Flower Inspirations, the rest of my items such as tea ritual, interior styling, ceramic design, food, and fragrance will be categorized under the lifestyle which I will write occasionally. And my column will include illustration books where I post my recent projects, flower bouquet which I will make my own tutorial DIY home and wedding flowers. And last but not least, I will include news and events about upcoming flower design and fashion illustration events. ( I am still busy with the changing, bear in mind it is not ready today, I will try to finish tonight after my illustration event in Amsterdam).

I want to have my blog have a more artistic and modern look. Many hand drawing features on the background plus a bit of computer based graphic designs on the side on the blog by myself. I will try my best to learn a lot in the coming season how Indesign, illustrator, photoshop etc works. At the time I am writing this blog I am still improving the above mentioned items. It is on my must-to-do list.

Here is my first illustration I will show you on my blog. I drew it two weeks ago. Normally I add immediately on my private facebook. Now I need to learn to put on my blog as well. Sometimes I am just look for a convenient way to make myself easy just click on the facebook and upload.
It is a graphite pencil drawing as a base, then I coloured it with marker. It is a different approach than I usually do. My background is Chinese, and I love Chinese calligraphy since I was a little girl. It is a really nice experience try to do things out of my comfort zone. I think as an artist, you need to do that always remember to try out new stuff. And look for new ideas all the time. Be original and innovative are the key. Hope you enjoy the orange dress I made below.

I am going to record my own art journey here. I am not good yet with my drawings and I am trying to learn each day something and improve. I am just curious to know how much I can improve my drawings by the end of 2013. Here is the milestone of my first step of Ping art journey. If you are reading here, please stop by by the end of 2013, and check whether I improve or not. Leave an encouragement note if you want. Sometime I need it.

Happy Monday with smiles.


xx Ping




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  1. ..And great drawings as well!

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    Great writing sister!! g

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