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Here we are, a new week just started. During the weekend, I was busy with re-arranging my blog. You may noticed that I changed the layout of the blog. Add some features and deleted some of them. Hope it will get better and better each week.There are so many things happened in the past few months. I haven’t been able to be on the blog for a long long time. You may already know the reason if you read my old post. Anyway it is important I am back here with full energy. And I am so ready to write.

I am not sure what is your childhood dream? It has been changing over the time for some people. And it is so great to see some of my friends are staying with their childhood dream and made it happen. I wish I can be like that. For me, I started to enjoy Fashion Illustration when I was studying at Shanghai Textile University (Donghua University), I did intensive 10 months short course there. Back then I had to do the rest of the Fashion Design courses. Include pattern design, sewing and a long list of subjects. They were not my favorite subjects. However at the same time, I started my own fashion company Samho Fashion Co., Ltd, and I was too busy running the business instead of really continue to practice what I have learned. I did enjoy participating the briefing to the designers about what I want for the collection. And make final decision which collection to go for the production. At that time, I only drew once after I finished study.

Now after so many years, I remembered one day when I sitting in my room, I really want to start to draw again. I started to draw Japanese style (normally woodcut) traditional drawings from the nature, then at certain moment, I decided to start my fashion drawings. I haven’t been drawing for a long time, it really took me a while to get use to the brush, markers, graphite etc etc again.

Here is what I have done so far. I will try to draw one fashion illustration a day, and try to improve my skills in the coming years to come. Hope that you will come back to check out.

In these two drawings, I first used graphite to draw a gesture, then I took a picture and upload the image on my design program to do the color rendering. It hasn’t been easy for me, because I used to work with brush, pencil, watercolor and marker. Now I need to learn how to combine modern design program with traditional ones. It is a very steep learn curve. But hopefully as time moves, and the more I practice, the quicker and finer the result will turn out. I purposely leave the image very large, in order for people who are interested in Fashion Drawing to check out how the lines are working, and also how I did the different layers of coloring. Maybe I need to make it smaller for most people like me do not have a big screen.

Ping Illustration Vectorization


walking giril motif





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  1. Love it! Keep on doing what you love to do and things will fall into place!

  2. Thank you Sue. I really appreciated your encouragement. I will try to learn different techniques for fashion illustration. I wish you a great day and drop by to check out more. I will try to draw every day. It is a good way to practice and one day I hope to mast it. xx

  3. your drawings are really lovely, and so are the clothes by the look of them

  4. As I promised in the weekend, I will start to post on my newly designed blog. Here we go for the first blog article after so long. I am really excited that I did this, and hope I can continue to make it work. Welcome to drop me a comment, encouragement and tips for my article I LOVE FASHION ILLUSTRATION.

  5. Guy Seaton says:

    Keep the images large. People can always scroll, it’s more important to be able to appreciate the design in detail. Great work, keep them coming and your skill will develop quickly.

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