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Inspired spring flower decoration – A great way to refresh your home

Spring is in the air!  Have you ever thought about ideas to decorate your home for spring? When I woke up this morning, saw the sun shinning through my window. I quickly ran to open the French balcony door to have a deep breath of the air. it is so fresh. I waited so long to have sun in Amsterdam. It is finally here. I can not wait to decorate the home with some nice flowers. I hope that you also are ready to get started. We share you here some ideas to refresh your home.



Some of us like to use flowers in the weekend. The others do like to have them during the week. There are so many flowers available right after the International Women’s Day here in Holland. I like many flowers for different occasions, but for the small city apartment where we are living here, I chose to have some lighter tint of green, white and lime to bring the freshness of spring to my home to have a feeling of refresh here.

Some of us like to put flowers on the entry to welcome the owner home, some of us like to leave nicely in the living room. Because it is the center of the whole house. For big volume flowers like lily, hydrangea, hippeastrum (Amaryllis), Vanda and Allium, I would like to use tall vases to bring the volume to the house. I always like to have a little vase at the same moment to highlight the theme of the day on the dinning table. It is a little sweet feeling when you put on candles to have dinner, there it is, the little cute small bouquet of spring flowers

Choices for smaller bouquet on the table, you can find spray rose, dianthus, astrantia, Lathyrus (sweet pea), helleborus and eustoma. Here I used Filretti Green eustoma. I like the way it brings the nature to my home, it is refresh and calm. Next to my table flowers, I have my room diffuser which is made out of essential oil. It smell so delicious in the house. On the table, you should not leave it empty, you need to bring a homey feeling. I leave my screen printing placemat there, and it fits nicely with the rest of the house. It is cozy.

When I buy flowers, I like to have a few to spread in our house. I like to have a few in my sleeping room as well. Here I group the little vases (I made in my ceramic workshop), you don’t need to have too many flowers here. A bit of one or two stems per each vase is more than enough. vases spring flower

What is your favorite spring flowers? Do you do DIY flower arrangement for your family? 

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  1. Sue Higson says:

    ps, love the vases too.

  2. Sue Higson says:

    I love tulips. Thez come in so many lovely colours and last so long. BTW, I will be using your blog as one of mz 8 in this weeks homework.

  3. I love it! Sweet and handmade!

  4. love your special details – especially the South African mug!

  5. It has been a great day today to write this blog column. Love how my new blog design is progressing. Looking forward to my readers’ reaction. Curious to know whether they will like what I wrote.

    xx Ping

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