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Bright your home with a sense of Zen

It is our third day in Hangzhou, a beautiful city with lots of lakes, forests, tea plantations, mountains and kind people. Every time I came here, I realize how short my trip is. The city has many hidden gems. Each trip we were so excited when we found a new place to explore.

Today I want to write something about ” Bright your home with a sense of zen”, I just thought about the title when I started my first line this evening in my hotel room. When you read the word “Zen”, your mind probably has some ideas about what could be the reminiscent of “Zen”, there are so many descriptions of “Zen” lifestyle out there. You may wonder are there anything new? I will show you some photos to make you feel a sense of Zen. That is all what I want to bring to you today. It is an important part of universe. A life that we own it, a sense of peace we maintain it, a true self we keep it and an authentic trip we experience it .

What elements should be there if you want to experience? A Jiangnan style white and black wall painting should be in your experience. The contrast of black and white enhance the purity. Another important elements which can bring peace is the Chinese Calligraphy. Here on the picture I took yesterday while I passed by a beautiful ceramic shop in Hangzhou old town called Edenus, the shop has a series beautiful ceramic for home, I specially love the Chinese Calligraphy on the white wall. A sense of zen part 1

When we say bright home with a sense of Zen, it all starts from you. It is you who first have a sense of Zen. “The inner peace” is where we start the Zen. It is about improve your awareness how you live your life, then you transform all your surroundings around it. We need to experience a lot of emotions, visit many places and face tons of challenges in our life in order to get to the right path. And when the time comes, you will embrace each little detail of your surroundings.

a sense of zen part 2

The inner peace came from our experience of beautiful things such as a spring cherry blossom, a stone Buddha that we saw during our journey or a self portrait we took in the park during our last holiday. It all ends up in your inner peace. The more you experience beautiful things, the more peaceful you will feel inside of you and you will gain more sense of zen at home.

a sense of zen part three

If you want to bring “Zen” to home, you first to start have an inner peace. Experience more and embrace more. Open you eyes, ears, hands, and mouth to see, feel and taste. Enjoy the color, the sound, the shape and taste of our life. When you close your eye, try to imagine vividly the graceful dance of the butterfly. When you sit alone at home, you may think many years back there was a little girl who was telling a story to a squirrel on the tree when you walked by in the park. Try to think of the first green after a cold winter. I call this “Zen”. I took these photos during my visit at Han Mei Lin Art Gallery during my trip in Hangzhou Botanic Garden. You really need to experience this when you visit Hangzhou. I was so lucky to be able to make pictures to share with you here. Wish you a very good sense of zen today after you read my article here.









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