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Spring is in the air – Fashion Illustration of the day

Hi all, I am writing this article from my hotel room in Hangzhou. It is my favorite city in China. Sorry about Shanghai, it is very modern, but Hangzhou is more tranquility and peaceful where I feel more at ease. I can be myself and get lost in my own creative world. Big cities have the same issue, everything moves fast. Anyhow John and I enjoyed our four days staying in Shanghai. It was a great experience for us. Meeting old friends who I know for almost 20 years, we don’t realize how quick the time flies. Take a look at our old pictures, we just know how much we still care about each other and how life changed us in one way or another. It all makes sense to us one thing: Everything happens with a good reason. What kind of life decision you made, you will end up in a totally different world even though you start at the same level.

I love Fashion Illustration and basically I just love to draw anything beautiful. Everyone has a different view about beauty, and for me, it will be ideal to draw what I love to see and make it on the paper just exactly what I have in my mind. It is not that easy to draw from your imaginations. I need another 10 years or longer to make it happen. But the more I draw from life, the better I can be. What the most important thing in my world is the life experience: my travel, my conversation with a taxi driver, my visit to a gallery, my walk in the park, a lovely afternoon drink or dinner with my best friends, the afternoon reading time in a nearby bookstore. It all ends up in my mind, and it all became my wildest inspiration. I have so many ideas which I want to draw. You will see more and more each week.

I am still traveling in China and visit families now for another two weeks. It is not easy to have a good access to internet all the time. Some of my social media space is out of reach. I feel a bit dis-connect here. But anyway, I am enjoying very much the spring time here. Enjoy together with me.

Spring is in the air

spring is in the air 1

spring is in the air 2

spring is in the air 3

spring is in the air 4

spring is in the air 5

spring is in the air fashion illustration

I made a spring in the air – Fashion Illustration before I left Amsterdam, I did not dare to share here yet. It is my first drawing textile pattern directly on my fashion illustration. I thought it is not very good yet. But on the other hand, I thought the blog is a way that I record my fashion illustration art journey. It is a way to share with everyone that I grow as an artist. I am still learning. I think the reader will forgive me if I did not draw as super realistic or fine as your normally see on the artist’s portfolio. For me, it is important to record my progress. As our Chinese saying: miles journey starts from your first step. For me, I just want to encourage myself as well as everyone who loves to be artistic. I want everyone to be able to challenge ourselves to be brave to start the first step and grow further.

What is your spring inspirations? Are you ready to make a lovely drawing today? Or are you ready to make anything nice for yourself today? I am sure the spring breeze will encourage your creativity more.












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