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Yellow spring flower

It has been a great trip till now in China. We have been traveling from Shanghai to Hangzhou, now we are four days in Zhejiang province. It is my home town and feel so great to be back here. I love to see the yellow rapeseed spring flowering all over the field. The bees are dancing around, it really made me feel like dancing as well.

Yellow spring flower

The yellow rapeseed flower is the sign of spring here, many farmers here grow rapeseed to make oil. After the flowering, the plant  will be made into oil for cooking. It is a very healthy oil to cook with. The day when we arrived here was a sunny weather, I can not wait to jump around as I did in my childhood time in the field. I really love to breeze the fresh air, and hold the flower close to my nose to have a deep breath. I feel so great.

Yellow spring flower 1

Many of us are now living and working in the big city, sometime I really feel the urge to go to the countryside and walk in the muddy field in the farm land in a good spring days. There are many lovely things we don’t see it in the busy city life. I really each of us leave spare time for ourselves during the spring,  and it is time for us to visit the beautiful park or garden now. The more I am close to nature, the better I feel about myself. The more I come close to the down to earth farmers, the better I want to be a very good person to help others and be a very hard work person in my own area.

It is also spring time now in Amsterdam, I wish all my friends there also start to enjoy and also wish all my readers from the rest of the world a very happy spring days with beautiful spring flowers.


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