Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Ping He. Working as a freelancer consultant for flora business in the past 10 years has made it an easy step for me to combine my passion for flowers with fragrance. I have a fragrance for home brand called Ping Living.

The Netherlands is a great country to fall in love with. I married to the man of my dreams in this country, how sweet! John is a bit shy, but he is very passionate about producing his music. Besides his music, John is also helping me a lot with my website. I call him my webmaster. If you like music, maybe you can check out drooom facebook page. Hope you will be his music fan.

I like to blend fragrances, make flower designs for home and event, make fashion illustrations and do silkscreen prints. I love to dance, practice yoga and meditate, besides that I enjoy a cup of green tea and cook special recipes for my family and friends. And I love to have good time with them.

ping living blog is a site dedicated to sharing fresh ideas about flower design, fashion illustration and fragrance.  It is a site to inspire and get inspired to many readers across borders. For people who live the life fullest with passion for living and decorating.

I will start to draw my own fashion illustrations, hopefully to share with you here soon. I will write about the trends of fragrance and flower designs, and how to decorate your sweet home.

I have been featured on Dutch television AT5, maybe you will learn more about who I am and what I do a bit more. Hope to see you back to my blog soon.