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ping living tries to bring authentic and fresh ideas across all areas whenever possible. If you have already submitted your content somewhere else, please let us know, including link. Please email to, please don’t attach files larger than 1MB.

ping living does not offer paid editorial coverage, and will not accept free samples or products for free promotion for the editorial coverage.

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Sponsored advertisements
ping living is pleased to offer advertising opportunities to companies related to creative decorating space and events. You can send in text with a JPG, GIF or PNG file at the exact size of 305px width and 406px height, resolution 72dpi. Animated GIF files will not be accepted. Advertisements will be placed on the Homepage, mixed with general blog posts and may include one link to your page. Our design department will place a small “Advertisement” text over your image to indicate the post is sponsored. The duration of an advertisement is usually for a period of two weeks. A maximum of 2 advertisements per category will be placed at a time.

If you are interested in place an offordable ad online with us, please send us inquiry for our rate. If you would like to offer your products to sponsor a contest (when applicable), the value of the products for a prize package should be over €400 for MKB’s (medium sized companies), and €100 for smaller companies.