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Marble pattern pillar candle - antique pink
Marble pattern pillar candle - antique pink

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Our Mission
To create, distribute & sell high quality living accessories, all the finest quality natural fragrance candles and home perfumes, with a continued commitment to natural ingredients and respect for our community and environment.

Our Philosophy
With a passion for stylish living, we devote ourselves to creating living spaces with romantic, elegant and delicate feelings.

Through our creative thinking, devotion to detail and high quality standard, we have created a product line that is unique in character and highly marketable.

Our Values
A passion for our stakeholders

Integrity, openness and honesty

Respect for others and nature

Action for sustainability

A will to succeed , profit with added value and excellence of work

Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company

Science-based innovation and flexibility

Using the finest material in the industry is top one priority for our choice of raw material. Our paraffin wax and palm wax is all lead-free, 100% cotton wick that guarantee for stable burning and longer burning time. Our fragrance is made out of nature ingredients and our finest fragrance is imported from USA.

Steps to follow for guarantee the quality
Concept→Make samples→Test (colour/fragrance/wax compatibility test, resistance to heat test, spread of perfume test, burning time and stability test)→Adjustment→Finalise packing design→Finalise production

Our Society
We are living in a community in which we care for its sustainability. Be a good citizen in the community by strictly monitoring the regulations for production –no child labour and environment friendly waste recycle production.

Every six months, our newly designed collections with a new look that will reflect new trends for colour, material, packing and fragrance. By combining these new elements, we wish to create a moment of peace, joy, tranquility and romance for you.